Saturday, November 23, 2013

TBP::Test Beginner's Project

I have already made 5 projects since I learned how to crochet. 3 are finished, the other 2 are halfway. I called these projects Test Beginner's Projects since they are my very first projects as I'm learning my way in the crochet world. On this post I will try to show each one and the stitches and skills I've learned throughout the time I spent working on them. (Note: I'm sorry if the images are blurred, I only used my phone in taking them.)

TBP1:: Headband
On this project I learned how to make a crochet button and how to apply increasing and decreasing stitches (other refer to this as adding and dropping crochet stitches). I also learned how to combine a basic stitch and a type of stitch I found from the Lion Brand website, the Crochet Cable Stitch. The cable stitch was a challenge for me, but when I finally got it, it became a breeze. I was also overwhelmed when I finally learned how to drop crochet stitches. And also imagine my thrill when I finished my crochet button....Oh, I was so happy indeed... ≧^◡^≦... So here they are....

crochet button

the body of the headband, end not yet weaved

at the other end of the body i put a loop to insert the crochet button

button ready to be sewed on the other end of the body

button sewed and hooked and ends weaved

showing the back part of the headband against the wrong side

another pose for the headband... :)

final pose for the finished headband...

TBP2::Pillow Case
On this project I learned how to create granny squares and how to join them. I was so excited about this project. When I first learned how to crochet, the very first question that came to my mind was "how do they make those squares and join them?"  I was saved by this site and the author has a tutorial on joining squares. There are different ways on how to join them but the way that appealed to me the most is the joining squares as you go. This technique is challenging and unique and I like to do things that are challenging and unique. As you can see my squares are not even. But I know through time and more practice, I'll be able to master it. I'll post the finished pillow case soon. I'm still struggling in sewing the squares to an old jacket that I cut to make the other side of the pillow case....

TBP3:: Hat
To be honest, I had a hard time making this one. I actually unraveled the stitches several times just so I can get to the size that will fit my head. But I struggled, until I just finally decided to let it go. When I can already buy the yarn as stated on the pattern that I'm following, then I guess I can be able to make nicer hat. The tutorial for the flower I got from attic24. The flower is easy to make and the button I got from an old blouse.

TBP4::Coin Purse
From this project I learned how to make shell stitches and a cute little button flower. The 2 shell stitches I used for this project are the Basic Shell Pattern and Shell Pattern 1 from the Lion Brand website. When I already finished the part for the body, I was faced with a small problem: how to join the sides together. I don't want the purse to be flat. I want it to be slightly bulky and has enough room for small bills and coins. So I decided to make shell stitches for the sides. The result was awesome! :) The idea for the little pink button flower also came from atti24. It was supposed to be a Japanese quince flower, but because I was using a thread yarn, I got a difficulty holding it, so I just decided to finish stitching the curled petals and drop the adding of a little yellow yarn in the center. Then I sewed it to the purse and the result was still amusing...Here it is...

front part of purse, with the little pink button flower nicely holding the 
overlap to the body of the purse; i used the Shell Stitch 1 for the overlap

back part; notice the Basic Shell Stitches I used for the purse

side part; i used shell stitches to join the sides of the body of the purse 
that gave more room for coins and bills

I don't have a picture for the scarf yet. It's still on progress. But I hope the result will also be a joy. Well, 'til next time.... (>‿◠)✌

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