Beginner's Block:: One stop page to learn your way to crochet

On this page I listed some blog or web links of various crochet topics that helped me on my crochet journey. Theses links are also included in my blog list. I am also hoping that this would help other crochet beginners like me, be a sort of, one stop reference to links that has lessons about crocheting. I will also try to categorize as well as add a little description for some list. If you're asking, why not just create my own tutorials? Well number one, I don't have the proper tools yet for creating a good tutorial. If I would be creating one (one day of course), I wanted it to be with pictures and/or videos. Number two, I'm also a beginner....I'm still learning as well and I think I need more experience for me to be able to really, you know, take that plunge on giving lessons for anyone who wants to learn crocheting. So for now, this would suffice, helpful links for beginner's like me to learn crochet.....

✿ Basic Tools
     ✄ Crochet Supplies—What do I need to Get Started?
     ✄ Learn to Crochet Tutorial
     ✄ Crochet School Lesson 2: Crochet Hook Basics
     ✄ Crochet School Lesson 3: Yarn Basics
     ✄ Before You Get Started...

✿ How to hold the Hook and the Yarn
     ✄ Crochet School Lesson 4: Yarn Meets Hook
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Getting a Grip

✿ Basic Stitches
     ✄ Basic Stitches
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: All About Stitches
     ✄ The Chain Stitch: The Foundation of Your Project
     ✄ Making a First Chain/Chain
     ✄ Slip stitch
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Making a slip stitch
     ✄ Double Crochet/Single Crochet
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Making a single crochet
     ✄ Half Treble/ Half Double Crochet
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Making a half double crochet
     ✄ Treble/Double Crochet
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Making a double crochet
     ✄ Triple/Treble Crochet Tutorial
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Making a triple crochet

How to work in rows
     ✄ Beginner Basics Crochet.101
     ✄ Working in Rows

How to work in rounds
     ✄ How to Crochet in the Round
     ✄ Working in Rounds
     ✄ Top Tech Tips - The Perfect Crochet Circle

✿ How to join yarn
    ✄ Joining Yarn
    ✄ How to Join Yarn in Crochet
    ✄ How to crochet yarns together
✿ Fastening Off/ Weaving in Ends
    ✄ Learn to Crochet: Fastening off
    ✄ How to Fasten Off Yarn in Crochet
    ✄ How to Crochet 7: Weaving in the Ends

✿ More about Hooks
    ✄ Crochet Hook Conversion Chart 
    ✄ The Anatomy of the Crochet Hook
    ✄ How Well Do You Know Your Crochet Hooks?

✿ More about Yarns
    ✄ How To Choose Your Yarn
    ✄ Crochet 101: Knowing Your Yarn Labels
    ✄ How to Read a Yarn Label

✿ How to read crochet patterns
     ✄ Learning the Language of Crochet
     ✄ Crochet School Lesson 20: Reading Patterns

✿ How to read crochet charts or diagrams
     ✄ Crochet symbols and terms
     ✄ How to follow a crochet diagram
     ✄ Crochet School Lesson 21: Reading Crochet Charts

✿ Links to blogs/websites with helpful FREE crochet downloadable patterns
    There are tons of blogs/websites that offers free downloadable patterns. I just listed here some that I know and have visited. You are free to download as many patterns as you like, but I suggest to first practice with Beginner and Easy patterns::
     ✄ Pierrot Yarns Patterns Club = most of the patterns here have charts
     ✄ Red Heart Free Patterns = you can search from their large database of free patterns
     ✄ Yarnspirations Patterns for Knitting and Crocheting = here you'll have a pattern overload
     ✄ My Picot Crochet = check the Crochet link for free stitches download
     ✄ Lion Brand Stitch-Finder = the links here helped me in learning various types of stitches that you can use in making various projects
     ✄ Crochetville Free Crochet Patterns = you can have more access to free patterns if you join their community
     ✄ Ravelry Free Patterns = this is like a one-stop large community for all knit and crochet lovers. I think you have to become a member first before you can be able to download patterns

✿ Links to other blogs/website with follow through tutorials
     I only listed here some of the blogs/websites I know that provides tutorials on crochet and I think is very helpful and easy to follow::
     ✄ Craftyminx Crochet School
     ✄ Learn to Crochet: Lion Brand Yarn
     ✄ Annie's Craft Crochet Lessons
     ✄ Crochet With Passion Tutorials
     ✄ Red Heart Learn How To Crochet
     ✄ Lacy Crochet
     ✄ My Picot Basic Tutorials and Diagrams
     ✄ Renate Kirkpatrick's Freeform Crochet Tips & Tricks
     ✄ Aesthetic Nest: How to Crochet
     ✄ Crochetville Tutorials

✿ Links to blogs/websites with free patterns + tutorials
     ✄ My Hobby Is Crochet Patterns & Tutorials
     ✄ Attic24 Projects & Tutorials

This list can go on and on.... But one thing I would like this post to do is to be a great help for those who are beginners like me in the crochet world.....As for me, this is easier than going through my bookmarks page and dive for a tag search... :)...I hope you know what I mean..... (>‿◠)✌