Friday, November 15, 2013

My Crochet Journey: Starting the Trek

I would like to write about my crochet journey on this blog but I realized that I'd rather write anything that goes in and out of my mind. I have read a lot of blogs and like them, I also want to put pictures in my blog, lots and lots of pictures- beautiful scenic pictures, people pictures, expressive pictures, but I think that would be in the near future. For now, I will use my mobile phone to take pictures that captures my imagination and put them here. But I think I'd be featuring most of my crochet creations and my journey in the crochet world in this blog.

I love colors, so when I started learning crochet I loved them even more. I like nature colors, the combination of them when you stare at the horizon creates imprints in your mind and later affects your senses and your feelings. The same thing happens when you crochet. All happy and sad thoughts can rush in your mind like a free flowing river. But when you finally see your work, all of those feelings and thoughts become one.

I guess my journey to Crochet World is kind of daunting and exciting. I guess it always happen in every walks of life.  It's like when a child discovers something new and you see the look of awe in his face, it's indescribable! That's what happened to me when I finished my first completed project:: tadah_1 - a beanie hat with a flower.

 It doesn't fit my head though but hey, I'm proud of how it ended. I only used the available yarns and hook that I can buy- a Moroco yarn and a small metal hook. I'm still learning about hooks and yarns. The one I'm using has a number 7 and the yarn is a very thin thread. I read a blog that teaches how to measure a yarn but I just browsed through it so I'm still confused. I will read about it again later and then post what I've learned afterwards.

The pattern for the hat and the flower I got from Attic24, a blog that I'm enjoying reading recently. I learned a lot from the author's tutorials and these I applied to my projects. I have also downloaded a lot of free patterns that are now snugly arranged in a folder. But mind you, I have only done 4 projects from it so far. If ever I would really go and make these projects, I would have to make a grocery of yarns and hooks and needles.

I have also finished my granny squares for the pillow case project. This is my tadah_2::

Again, I learned the making of the granny's and the joining from Attic24. While making this I learned my own technique and discovered that I can create my own style of stitching! I guess that happens when you are limited in your resources and you don't have the luxury of following the suggested gauge from the pattern or tutorial. From this project I learned how to make the Bubble Stitch, the Double Treble crochet stitch, the magic of creating squares from circles, and the magically joining of squares as you go. There are different ways on how to join squares but I like this technique more. It's challenging and unique. I used a midnight black color for joining the squares and it created an impression of floating squares. I really love it. The orange color stands out though but I think it's still beautiful. I pat my self on the back after finishing this. At first I thought that it was so hard to make this but then when I learned how to do it, I realized that it was the easiest thing in the world.

Now I'm working on hand stitching the squares to a part of an old jacket that I'm no longer wearing. To be honest, I'm so low on skills on this one so I'm having a hard time in making the edges. And I can't do it at night cause the light of the room is not helping me to see the loops on the stitches where I supposed to be working on. So the pillow case is on slow pace mode.

My two other projects are a coin purse and a star meshed scarf. The coin purse is finished and I'm proud to say that this one I have really accomplished perfectly. The scarf is halfway finished. I need to buy another ball of yarn for it. Working with a thread yarn is costly. I hope I can be able to work with other types of yarns soon.

Right now, I'm in love with crochet. I think it will be forever...

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