Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arranging my Backpack

So...I found a great amount of time today to research more about my companions in my journey in crochet world and making the most out of it. I will try to create separate blogs for each item in my list since each one covers a lot of topics and issues. The companions I'm mentioning here are the list of things I need to consider while making my way in the Crochet World. (See my post about this topic here) On this post I will share some of the readings and the things I learned on how to make the most out of crocheting.

I felt that this new found passion gives me inspiration and hope in life that I could do things that I thought I couldn't do before. Crocheting became my outlet of my feelings and imagination. Whenever I make a stitch, a memory or thought or an idea crosses my mind. This helps me balance how I feel or think about something. I was inspired. And then as I research more about this craft, I learned that I can create a business out of it. I was more inspired. This is a good thing since I have always desired to make money out of my passion. As I researched more, I found some helpful blogs that encouraged me on how to make this dream come true and how to keep that fire burning in my heart. It's a reality for me that I can't make a lot of money from crafting and that the potential of making this a full-time business is low. This post of Stacey from Fresh Stitches gave me insights on why I should and shouldn't consider making this craft a possible business opportunity.....

To be able to start a craft business or crochet business would be a daunting task for me. But I know in my heart that I'm up for the challenge. So I listed the issues that I think I will be encountering on this journey. I based the list on the blog that I mentioned above::

❧ My niche:: The more I researched about crochet and other crafts and the more blogs I read about craft business, the more I felt that I'm becoming a lost soul in the Crochet World. But the only thing that every crochetizens have in common in this 'world' is their individuality and originality. And so I realized that I have to know my niche, where am I good at and how can I improve it. A lot of things are popping in my mind but I have to consider only one first and then from that, expand.

❧ Time:: Right now I have all the time in the world to concentrate on the journey and where I'm heading. I wouldn't be able to do all these-blogging, researching, crocheting- in just a week if I'm doing something else. Today I learned how to set a price for a product. Just doing all those math and calculations gives me headache. But in the end, I felt a sense of fulfillment. The craftybase post gave me an insight on how to set a price for handmade products and a post from stitchcraftcreate helped me uplift my value on what I do and why I do it.

❧ Loving what I like:: To be honest, I'm in love with all kinds of crafts. But since I'm now in Crochet World and enjoying every step I'm taking, I should first concentrate on what I think I should be spending more time with. Just like having a stick in your hand while traversing a path on a hill. I like scarfs. And I think I will love em more. I have seen a lot of different scarfs and styles, crocheted or knitted. But no scarf is the same. Each one is unique and speaks for itself and its creator. I have also checked the various prices that websites like Etsy offers. I think that scarf business is a large market even online so it would be a challenge for me if I would consider this area to be my 'stick' as I take that path.

❧ My Audience:: Right now I will just use the available social networking sites that provide free venues for advertisement. To have my own website for an etsy shop is still far on my list. In our country we have this saying: "While the blanket is short, bear with it for a while." So I'll just use what's available but can still be valuable.

❧ Extra Skills:: Photography is one of those things that I think would be still far from my list. Right now I only got my phone's camera to take pictures of projects that I made. A true camera though would require some luxury and my wallet can't provide for that. But in the near future I know I'll have one. Hopefully. ☺ I think I have an edge on this, I just don't have the right tool. But if someone is Santa enough, I'll be so grateful. :D Here are some pictures that I took with my old phone:

 I think that when this craft business become successful, I'd be able to purchase a new phone that will make great shots. (>‿◠)✌

My backpack for the journey is full. But I think I have everything I need.....

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