Monday, November 18, 2013

Knowing My Companions

I was awake all night organizing and editing my blog. I'm not sure about the other things that I did but I think I'm improving. I managed to add more stuff so it will really look like a blog. I read that it's important to add traffic to your blog so you can have a lot of readers. Well I guess my blog is still not opt for that but still that is my goal.

So I would like to list some things that I think would be my companions in this long but exciting journey in the Crochet World.

First is my blog:: This is important for me so that I can share my ideas and creativity to the cyberspace out to the real world. But I also need to improve my knowledge in this area and be able to adapt to the growing world of crochetizens. From now on I will call people who loves and makes crochets #CROCHETIZENS. ☺

⚔ ⚔

Second is a set of hooks:: I still need to learn more about hooks. There are is a big knowledge base for this out there, I know, so I just need to research more. Right now I'm only using a metal hook with a 7 number. It's easy to use in thread yarns just like what I'm using right now. I know I'd be able to get hold of a complete set in the future.



Third is yarn:: Ever since I fell in love with crocheting I think I also fell for yarns. Because every time I see yarns, colors just burst in my mind and I got this desire to touch their soft, silky, long threads. My thirst for yarns was quenched when I dragged my bf to a yarn store I found near my place. But like hooks, I also need to increase my knowledge on yarns. Right now I'm using Moroco thread yarns. I managed to finish a beanie hat and a coin purse out of it. I'm looking forward to finally be able to buy the yarns that are mentioned in the patterns that I have downloaded and from them be able to create my unique designs.


Fourth are patterns and charts:: These I believe will take me forever to learn. In my research, there are various patterns and charts to choose from in the Crochet World. And throughout the time that I'm creating my projects, I haven't followed one single pattern that I have downloaded, exactly how it was described to be done. I always end up creating my own pattern and design! And then the reading of charts came. I thought at first that this task is difficult, but when I finally learned it, I felt like I was the most happiest person in the world. ≧^◡^≦ I can't say that I'm already an expert in reading patterns and charts. There are still a lot more to learn- abbreviations, symbols, the likes. This part takes patience but its all worth it!


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Fifth is connections:: Learning this new passion will take me to places of more ideas and lots of alleys of discoveries. I know I will meet more people along the way that also share the same passion. And with them, I will also like to share my passion and to others, be of a helping hand.


Right now I will take these steps one at a time. There are journeys that have ups and downs and I know that this journey is no different. But I know I will get there. With the support of my family and friends I know I will reach the end. And when I get there I will look back and see that the journey I took was not a regret.....

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