Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Create an App on FB Page That Will Connect To Your Blog

This would be my very first tutorial on this blog. Funny its not about crochet...Lol...Anyway....I've been trying to look for a way on how to create an app in my Facebook page that will automatically link me to my blog page. I won't write here anymore of my struggles on finding one cause I know you probably have the same struggles. So without further ado.....

I have only found one site, TradableBits, that has helped me achieve what I wanted. I have also used Networkedblogs, but the app works by just displaying your posts inside your Facebook page. Although it can also link you to your blog, but what I wanted is a straight link. (Not sure if I used the term correctly, sorry...)

So here's what I did::

A. Go to TradableBits website and create an account. Or sign up by using your Facebook account.
 Don't forget to activate your account through your mail.

B. Once you are logged in, go to Platform → Facebook Apps

C. Click the FREE link at the App Filter

D. Hover mouse on HTML app then click Install Free App

E. Select the page where you want to add the app from the dropdown list, create a Name for your app, then select an icon for it. You can change the icon that you want to use for this app later. Then click Save.

F. Edit some details in your app by adding Title and some Details. Click the + box icon to edit the icon for the app. I just unchecked the checkbox for the Add Send and Share buttons since I don't need this feature.
G. On Settings set URL as Source. I didn't put any value for the Height since I don't need this functionality.

H. Type the URL or address of your blog or website on the two boxes. This will allow your app icon to be linked to your blog or website. (Note:: I don't exactly know the differences of the functions of the two I just typed the URL of my blog there... ☺)
I. Skip the other settings, scroll down the page then click Save.

J. On the upper portion of the page you will see this::
 Hit the Publish App on Facebook bar. The Inactive icon will change to Active::

K. Refresh your page on Facebook and test the app.

Does it work? It does on mine.... (>‿◠)✌

'Til next time!

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