Friday, January 17, 2014

Crochet Motif:: Set A

I'm stopping on this particular town that I'm calling Motif City. Yes. After my traverse at the Scarf Village and my wild adventure in Hats Galore, I am slowly moving to a new place in the crochet world.

I am so captivated by this little yet so undoubtedly challenging craft. Every now and then, I see them every time I look up and search for crochet lace. I constantly tell my self:: that's easy, I can do that...and so I did.... But I was wrong....

When I created the first one I was like:: whaaaattt??? Look at the picture, it's so perfect! Mine was curly and not even...

And so I learned that motifs are usually blocked. I'm pretty sure you already know what I mean. But unfortunately for me, I don't have materials available for blocking (i.e. pins and blocking board). Although I'm still thinking of other ways on how to do it. And so I evilly decided to paste them on my notebook. Ha ha ha! Yes, sir, I did! So that will explain why my background for these silly creatures have lines....

I also noticed that making motifs can help me in practicing my tensions. Cause motifs will surely challenge every niche you got on crocheting.

I found the pattern from Magic Thread. Says the motifs are from a Japanese magazine.

OK no more's my version::

Motif 91

Motif 89

Motif 92

Motif 90

Motif 88

Motif 87

Motif 88 is not finished, I forgot to add the last round and just cut the yarn. I was too lazy to finish

The motif below is from the MyPicot website. Pattern # is 4012. I made it for 2 hours. I am planning to make a table cloth out of this one so good luck to me! ☺

Can't miss to arrange them in a portrait!

How about you? What did you challenge your self today? (>‿◠)✌

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